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I frequently get asked about my must have foods on @ww, so I decided to make a little list for y’all!! Along with fruits, veggies, eggs, and stuff like that, these are things I ALWAYS have in my house that contribute to my success on weight watchers !! 💙⁣

-Spray butter – up to 20 squirts for 0 points, and so useful on veggies, toast, & whatever else you typically put butter on! 🧈⁣
-Low cow low fat ice cream bars – 3 points each & perfect to satisfy that ice cream craving ⁣-Fat free cheddar – 1/4 c is 0 points, I use this everyday!!! I’m obsessed with cheese – I put it in my eggs every morning
-PB2 – 1 point for 2 tbsp, perfect for smoothies or to drizzle over a banana 🥜⁣
-WW chocolate peanut butter pie bars – 2 points and delicious, small but definitely satisfy my frequent chocolate craving ⁣
-Enlightened ice cream – points vary some per flavor, but 1 c is usually around 7 points, LOVE topping this with some lite cool whip when I have lots of points left for dessert 🍦⁣
-Quest protein shakes – 2 points each and so yummy in smoothies ⁣
-Fiber one brownies – 2 points each, heat it up for a few mins in the microwave 🔥⁣
-Unsweet vanilla almond milk – 1/2 c for 0 points, I use this in my coffee every morning, also great for smoothies, oatmeal, etc. ☕️⁣
-Ole xtreme wellness wraps – only 1 point each, I make wraps with these obviously, but also make homemade chips in the air fryer ⁣
-Plain, nonfat greek yogurt – 0 points, I use this ALL the time, fruit dip, replacement for sour cream, put it in casseroles, all sorts of stuff you can do with it !
-Kodiak cakes mix – 1/4 c is 2 points, I LOVE making waffles with this stuff, check my feed for my favorite waffle recipe 🧇⁣
-Jimmy Dean turkey sausage crumbles – 1/4 c for 1 point, I leave my bag in the freezer and mix in my eggs almost every morning 🍳⁣


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