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What would happen if this time you didn’t quit? What would happen if you stopped…

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What would happen if this time you didn’t quit? What would happen if you stopped telling yourself this is impossible? I have a lot of people who tell me they don’t believe I lost this weight without weight loss surgery. It’s almost a daily occurrence. It use to upset me because I’m not very fond of being called a liar but what I’ve realized is this- they think it’s impossible because they’ve tried and it didn’t work for them. For years and years I thought my only way out of the situation I was in was through surgical intervention and that’s scared THE SHIT out of me. I have absolutely nothing against surgery, I once had a lap band myself and it went terribly wrong and almost killed me so I had it removed. So, I tried surgery but failed miserably at it. This doubled down on my notion that I couldn’t lose weight without surgery and then one day my doctor looked at me and said the same thing. I felt lost and trapped and I ALMOST believed it. Almost. I decided to try one last time without surgery. It wasn’t easy BUT neither is surgery. I will forever say that whether you do this with or without surgery, you did something INCREDIBLY hard that many wish they could. So go ahead and clap for yourself:) whether you be successful with natural weight loss or use the help of surgery, you still did the work. The reason people think I’ve had surgery is because of my success but that success comes from a complete shift in my mindset. I shifted my relationship with food and with my body. So, is this possible without surgical intervention- hell yea it is. I’m living proof of it. So, if you’re someone like me who was terrified of a surgery but wanted this for themselves don’t you dare tell yourself it’s impossible because it’s not🖤 it’s hard. It’s frustrating. But not impossible?

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