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Vegan Char Siu Rice made with BBQ Tofu is simply delicious and easy-to-make (sne…

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Vegan Char Siu Rice🥰 made with BBQ Tofu is simply delicious and easy-to-make (sneak peek video 👉🏼). Tag some friends to share this meal with today! This char siu has a drool-worthy😋 homemade sauce that I also paired with fragrant ginger rice and a homemade ginger garlic chili sauce.😊⁣
Char Siu (a Cantonese word) or 叉烧 (Chā shāo) in Mandarin translates to Fork Roast. It is a type of BBQ pork where the meat is marinated in a special sauce and then roasted to create that charred exterior. You can read more about the process online but today I’m sharing a simple vegan recipe that uses tofu. This particular Char Siu Rice dish is inspired by the ones I grew up with. It’s usually served with cucumber slices, a side of ginger garlic chili sauce, and a big bowl of flavored rice. Two new videos🎥 for you to make this whole meal, so please check them out and share them with your friends.🤗⁣

How to find this recipe:⁣
– Link in Bio

Cooking Tips:⁣
– I used firm tofu and coated generously with cornstarch and use medium-low heat to pan fry all sides until golden brown⁣
– Make more rice for fried rice later. This is a bowl of delicious rice similar to my Hainanese Chick’n rice. ⁣
– Make a big batch of sauce to have it handy when you need it⁣
– The ginger chili sauce can be made allium-free, please check subs on my blog. Also, make a big batch😄, it goes so well with plain rice, noodles, or spring rolls.⁣

I hope you give this meal a try today. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. Best, WoonHeng❤️⁣
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