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Kabocha onde onde, chewy mochi-like balls filled with gula Melaka/coconut sugar …

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Kabocha onde onde😋, chewy mochi-like balls filled with gula Melaka/coconut sugar rolled in grated🥥
A few months ago, I shared a variety of Nyonya ‘kuih’/treats from the morning market in Malaysia & promised to recreate some & this is one of them. I hope you like this traditional treat & have a great Saturday, friends.⁣🤗

Recipe (yields ~18 balls, inspired by⁣
🌱Onde Onde Ingredients⁣
~ 180g Kabocha squash/pumpkin – skin removed & steamed until soft⁣
~ 200g glutinous rice flour⁣
~ 1 tablespoon tapioca flour⁣
~ 100ml water + more, if needed⁣
~ fresh/frozen grated coconut⁣
⁣🌱Filling (mix until well combined):⁣
~ 1/2-1 cup grated gula Melaka/coconut sugar⁣
~ 1 tablespoon organic sugar⁣

✅Mash steamed kabocha & prepare a bowl with glutinous rice flour. In a pot, mix tapioca flour in 100ml water. While stirring continuously, bring mixture to boil & cook until it turns close to translucent. Remove from the heat & immediately add to the glutinous rice flour. Stir to combine.⁣
✅Then mix in mashed kabocha & knead into a soft dough. If it’s too dry, add water, 1 tablespoon at a time or more glutinous rice flour if it’s too wet. Cover & let the dough rest for 15 minutes.⁣
✅Meanwhile, prepare a shallow plate & fill it with a layer of grated coconut. If you are using frozen grated coconut, please bring it to room temperate. You may season it with a pinch of sal (I didn’t)⁣

✅To make the onde onde, bring a pot of water (5-quart or larger) to boil. Pinch a small dough off, about ping pong’s size. Flatten it by pinching with your thumb & forefinger into a circle. Try to keep the middle part thicker.⁣
✅Place the flatten dough in your palm & spoon some sugar mixture to the middle. Pinch to seal & roll into a ball.⁣
✅Using a slotted spoon, slowly drop the ball into the boiling water (water must be boiling or it will stick to the bottom of the pan). Cook until the ball floats up & let it stay atop for another 1 minute.⁣
Then, remove the ball & roll it in grated🥥😋


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