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Curry Chee Cheong Fun (咖哩猪肠粉, Gālí zhū cháng fěn), a type of curry rice noodles …

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Curry Chee Cheong Fun😋 (咖哩猪肠粉, Gālí zhū cháng fěn), a type of curry rice noodles dish that I yearned the most from home🥰. It reminds me of Kopitiam, Yong Tau Foo (stuffed vegetables), and my papa😘. He would drive me to get a plate of this simple meal early in the morning especially when I had jetlag. The smoothness of the rice noodles together with the robustness of the curry is just SOO good😁, not to mention the good time I had with papa. Please give this simple meal a try and I can promise you will want to come back for more. Have a good weekend, friends! Best, WoonHeng⁣❤️

Recipe (2 servings)⁣
Chee Cheong Fun (Rice Noodles)*: 1 cup [120g] rice flour, ⅓ cup [40g] tapioca starch or sweet potato starch, a pinch of salt, 1⅓ cup [315g] water⁣
Curry: 3 tablespoons homemade sambal (red chili paste) visit ‘Cooking Essentials’, 2 cups vegetable stock or water, ½ cup [125ml] coconut milk, salt to taste⁣
Other Ingredients: oil, fried shallots, toasted sesame seeds⁣

Mix the cheong fun ingredients in a bowl until no lumps appear. ⁣
Grease the bottom of a quarter size pan or plate with oil. Add in about ⅓ cup [80g] batter (adjust batter to your preference).⁣
Steam for 2 minutes over high heat or until the rice noodle is fully cooked through.⁣ Place cooked noodles onto a cold water bath and brush the top of the noodle sheet with oil.⁣
Using a spatula, give the cake pan a swirl to loosen up the noodles & cut into your desired width. Set aside until ready to use.
To make the curry, simply sauté sambal in a non-stick pan, add the water/stock, salt, and coconut milk. Cook down the mixture until slightly thickened. Serve warm with rice noodles.⁣
*Inspired by Marion’s Kitchen⁣

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