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Be my Valentine today Sharing some savory yumminess that you can make for yourse…

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Be my Valentine today❤️ Sharing some savory yumminess that you can make for yourself or that special person. These dishes make cooking virtually or at home fun😁. I’m that person who likes food more than anything else. 😅⁣⁣
Check out these:⁣
– fluffy soft crispy bottom ‘flower🌷 – when flipped’ buns also known as Sheng Jian Bao and the Bao means hug in Chinese⁣
– cabbage ‘bundle🤗’ wrap, and ⁣
– give yourself a big ‘star🌟’ or send your loved ones an edible star. 🥰Many of you are now the best baker with this star bread, I have seen so so many amazing creations of this recipe. Kudos to all of you. 👏🏼⁣⁣

Since it’s so cold outside, it’s perfect to turn on the oven and bake some star bread, pan-fry steam some buns, and grill some cabbage to warm up the house.😉⁣⁣
I hope everyone is staying well and warm in this cold weather. Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend and Happy early Valentine’s day. Best, WoonHeng❤️😘⁣⁣
How to find the recipes:⁣⁣
– Google ‘woonheng pan-fried buns’⁣⁣
– Google ‘woonheng cabbage wrap’⁣⁣
– Google ‘woonheng scallion bread’⁣⁣
Tips: ⁣⁣
– Pan-fried buns; filling needs to be somewhat dry and try not to roll out the wrapper too thin. Put each one closer to each other, I used a 10″ pan for all these buns.⁣⁣
– Cabbage wrap; any rice work but sticky rice, short grain, and sushi rice stick together the best⁣⁣
– Scallion bread; any flour works and bread has the fluffiest texture. Add some red pesto or sauce to create a beautiful star or flower bread.⁣⁣
Let me know if you have any questions at all.⁣⁣

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