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Baked curry puffs (咖喱角, Gālí jiǎo), anyone? These are my favorite go-to quick an…

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Baked curry puffs😋 (咖喱角, Gālí jiǎo), anyone? These are my favorite go-to quick and tasty snacks to make my kids.🥰⁣
Curry puff, very similar to Samosa, is a popular snack in the Southeast Asia region. It also shares many similarities with Empanada. Usually, when something looks similar and appears in many regions and cuisines, it just shows you it is a winner😉. The yumminess of the curry potatoes inside a flaky crust is just sooo good. It is best to go with ‘pulled’ tea (teh tarik) 🤩or coffee. The main ingredients for curry puffs include potatoes, sambal, vegetables, and puff pastry. If you haven’t tried curry puffs before, I hope you give this recipe a go.

Have a wonderful and safe Wednesday, everyone! Best, WoonHeng❤️⁣

1 pack [1.1lbs or 490g] vegan puff pastry of your choice⁣
1 medium-sized potato (about 500g) cubed and soak in water to remove starch, drain well⁣
1 medium onion, diced⁣
4 cloves garlic finely minced⁣
1 small carrot diced into small cubes⁣
⅓ cup frozen peas⁣
2 tablespoons curry powder⁣
1 tablespoon sambal⁣
2 teaspoons coconut sugar, adjust accordingly⁣
2 cups veggie stock/water⁣
a few pandan leaves tie to a knot (optional)⁣
oil for cooking⁣
salt to taste⁣
Vegan ‘Egg’ wash⁣
1 tablespoon unsweetened plant-based milk⁣
⅓ tablespoon maple syrup⁣
For a homemade wrapper version, please check my feed here. ⁣

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